Everything you need to know about a sugar-free diet

  • Jun 27, 2022
  • By Riya Chowdhury
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A no added/free sugar diet may have a number of health benefits. To begin, you are freeing your mind from sugar-induced dopamine dependency. No sugar = no dopamine release from sugar = no "reward" feedback to the brain = less food-related sugar "addiction." A no-added-sugar diet also helps you have fewer spikes in your blood glucose levels, which helps you regulate insulin levels better than if you overeat sugar. Furthermore, a no-sugar diet makes it much easier to manage your weight and health, lowering your risk of many lifestyle-related diseases.


However, for the vast majority of people, achieving and maintaining a no added sugar diet is extremely difficult. This also eliminates several foods that are culturally important to our food system. Several people find it difficult, but try to avoid sweets entirely, only to binge or overdo it later. Rather than completely demonising sugar, a healthier relationship with it may be preferable. A low added sugar diet provides similar benefits to a no added sugar diet while being easier to follow. You are preventing yourself from secretly craving the 'forbidden fruit' in this manner. The only thing to remember here is to be aware of how many hidden sugars you may be consuming, in case your diet is one that’s high on ultra-processed or junk foods.