• What Is The Wow Box?

    The Wow Box is India’s Largest Store of “Better for You” Clean-Label Grocery/ FMCG Products – amazing products made in India, for a new India. We’re curating a select range of best products in food, beverages, personal care & home care. Our approach is to find products striking a perfect balance, for e.g. in food we look for products that are tasty as well as healthy yet affordable. We hunt for hidden gems & we know finding them from the 1000s of options available on larger marketplaces can be very daunting. We want to make your life better by offering you such products under 1 roof along with their complete honest information, free shipping, friendly service, good discounts/ offers along with our seal of trust.

  • What Do You Mean By Clean-Label Products?

    Clean Label Products are the ones made using as few ingredients as possible - ingredients that are easily recognizable by consumers, mostly healthy, natural & unprocessed. For e.g. foods with ingredients used at homes, no artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals, no preservatives or stabilizers. It also includes cleaning, beauty & personal care products which are made without any harmful/ toxic chemicals, etc.

  • The Brands Listed On Your Website Don’t Seem To Be Popular So Are These Reliable?

    Firstly, all products listed here have been approved and certified by Government bodies like the FSSAI, the FDA, Ministry of Ayush, etc. And after that, we have our rigorous 7-stage filtering & selection process which keeps getting better with further inputs/ feedback we receive from our customers. We strive hard to earn your trust & would like you to ultimately believe this for all products listed on our website that “if it’s on The Wow Box then it’s gotta be trustworthy”. For now, we urge you to judge products individually instead of going by popularity of brands & in this context newcomers doing a great job also deserve a chance.

  • Are You Against These Big Multi-National FMCG Companies?

    We’re not with or against any of the big FMCG companies, Indian or MNCs. We also don’t like to paint all with the same brush as the same brands may also have some products which aren’t really that unhealthy so it’s important for you to carefully check ingredients of each product before. We just want India to become a more conscious consumption society instead of blindly trusting big brands who then tend to take your trust for granted & believe they can get away with marketing gimmicks which underestimate consumer intelligence.

  • Some Popular Brands Also Offer Products That Claim To Be Healthy/ Chemical-Free So Why Should We Not Trust Them?

    Our endeavour is to increase consumer awareness around to check ingredients & not fall for claims. For e.g. A popular food brand launched a range of cookies with “Ayurvedic herbs like Tulsi, Mulethi, Ginger” & marketed it as an immunity-booster against Covid but its ingredients were largely the bad actors - maida, sugar, refined palm oil, emulsifiers, etc while the Ayurvedic herbs were only 0.03% so they’re taking consumers for a ride. Consumers also need to understand how to interpret claims. For e.g. Many products claim that they’re trans-fat-free but here’s the catch - Manufacturers can list 0 g if the trans-fat content is under 0.5 g per serving. But, what if the total amount of product is 100 g? How much trans-fat are you ingesting then? It can still pose a health risk if you end up consuming the entire product, like a bag of chips.

  • How Are Products With Unsafe/ Unhealthy Ingredients Being Allowed By Regulators Like FSSAI Or FDA?

    The bad/ unhealthy ingredients are not lethal on single use so just like cigarettes they aren’t banned. However, regulators have tried to do some consumer education initiatives in the past & in 2019 the FSSAI even came up with a policy draft to make identification of unhealthy products simple (see https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/fssai-mandates-colour-coded-labels-on-items/story-DMjzu8cmCLhlSAdcAgWufM.html) via red or yellow colour labels along with printing of ingredients on the front but the powerful corporate lobby got this proposal stalled. Ultimately the power rests with you, the consumer & we urge you to give a chance to the deserving ones.

  • How Can I Track My Order?

    You can track you order in order section- track my order.

  • How Can I Contact The Customer Support Team?

    You can mail us at support@thewowbox.com

  • How Many Days Do You Take To Deliver The Box?

    3 Working Days

  • What Is WOW Coin?

    Wow Coins is what customers will get as a reward for doing transactions, referrals & engagement. Once customers cross a certain number of Wow Coins, then they can redeem it for Free samples & boxes.

  • What Is WOW Cash?

    Wow Cash is the cash that customers will put in their wallet or get as cash backs which they can use against e-commerce purchases.