Bentodent Toothpaste - Premium Mint

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About this item:

  • Your daily oral detox, cleanse & remineralizer: Bentonite makes for an excellent mouth wash because its so good at absorbing toxins and neutralizing bad bacteria. It gives equal cleaning efficiency without the deteriorating effect of foaming agents. It cleans by binding to heavy metals and toxins around your teeth and gums. Bentonite earth along with tea tree oil gives back an array of minerals including calcium which helps remineralize your teeth.
  • Gentle and safe: Bentodent natural toothpaste gently cleans bacteria from your teeth without doing any harm to your teeth enamel. It does not contain any artificial colors and flavors those in general negatively impact the body, so the bentodent natural toothpaste becomes the safest and viable option to use on everyday morning teeth brushing with confidence.
  • Fresh breath: Bentodent natural toothpaste contain peppermint essential oil which helps in effectively freshen your breath as like most of the commercial toothpaste on the market. Bentodent keeps the breath freshening for the whole day effectively without chemical additives and ingredients.
  • No reaction: Being natural toothpaste, which would not be the cause of any kind of allergic reactions. Major toothpaste contains sodium laurel sulfate as the ingredient which is highly irritating and can cause mouth inflammation or allergies. Using a natural toothpaste is your choice to prevent allergic reactions and protect the health of your mouth.
  • Safe for Kids: This is being the major issue with children while brushing their teeth they will often swallow their toothpaste completely instead of spitting it out which is really not safe. Natural toothpaste like Bentodent with all organic composition and without sodium laurel sulfate and fluoride becomes entirely safe for kids. 

Purified Water

Bentonite Clay

Iodized Salt

Stevia Extracts


Tea tree oil


Citrus aurantium dulcis Extract

Grapefruit Flavour