BRB Popped Potato Chips - Bhel Flavour-52gm

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  • BRB is a great escape. Escape from boring. Escape from banality, from awk- wardness. From plainstaleness, whether in flavors or in memes.

  • BRB Popped Chips are Not-Baked, Not-Fried, but Popped. 

  • And did we tell you that BRB Popped Chips are Smartphone-Friendly? You ask how? Cuz we are so low on oil, we don’t give you those greasy fingers. You can keep munching, texting, posting, and playing smudge-free on your smartphone!

  • So, when you gotta go snack, just hit BRB!


Dehydrated Potato

Potato Starch

Rice Bran Oil

Spices and Condiments