Nourish You Gojiberry Nut Mix 30G - Pack Of 7-210gm

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Premium & nutritious superfood nut mix of Dried Goji berries(20%), Almonds(20%), Black Raisins(20%), Watermelon seeds(20%) and pumpkin seeds(20%) Healthy snack for adults and Kids, a powerhouse of omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids. High in antioxidants, dietary fiber, gluten free, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol Low in fat, calories and low in sodium, Ideal for weight watchers Snack on it at any time! Whether it’s mid morning, mid day or midnight hunger pangs! Top up on breakfast oatmeal bowls or yogurts. Add as an ingredient to make cakes, granola bars, breads etc.



pumpkin kernels

watermelon kernels

Goji berry