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Strategi Herbal Toilet Seat Sanitizer TSS 50 ml

Strategi Herbal Toilet Seat Sanitizer TSS 50 ml

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Herbal Strategi’s TSS – Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray is made of natural products and is ideal for those who take cleanliness and sanitation seriously. This Herbal TSS makes sure that the toilet seat is free of contamination and will increase hygiene confidence. Its mini pack can easily fit into your bags or purses, hence making it handy when in need. Toilets Seats, Door and Flush knobs especially in Public Toilets are not cleaned regularly. They harbor germs which could lead to Urinary tract infections, Diarrhoea, Gastroemtenties and Herpes.

Our Toilet Seat Sanitizer, Sanitizes to remove Germs within seconds making the toilet seat fit and safe to use. A common concern in using bathrooms is the germs on the toilet seat covers, be it for a kid or an adult. A public toilet is a hub of different varieties of bacteria & viruses. Many times, people must have dreaded using public toilets and must have tried to “hold it” till or as long as possible to avoid having to use one. Well now, there’s a solution to this!! We have the perfect product for you.

Generally, use it anytime you want. The sanitizer, that is formed of natural oils and plant extracts is a perfect substitute when water and soap are unavailable. The herbal ingredients make it safe, non-irritant, and non-toxic. Subsequently, discard all your chemical-based sanitizers and try this child-friendly product.

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