TGL Pure Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 25GM

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Our Matcha Is Sourced Fresh From Japan. To Honor The Sacred Japanese Ritual, Only The Best, Organically Grown Tencha Green Tea Leaves Are Stone-Ground To Produce Fine, Brilliant Green Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea Powder Revered Globally For Its Healthful Properties. It All Begins With The Leaf. The Better The Leaf, The Better The Powder. Shade-Grown, Nutrient-Rich Young Tencha Green Tea Leaves Are Steamed, Deveined, Destemmed, Dried And Stone-Ground Into Fine Matcha Powder Which Is Then Consumed With Water, Ultimately Leading To Ingestion Of Whole Tea Leaves, Making Matcha An Extremely Potent Form Of Green Tea Or The ‘Elixir Of The Immortals’ As Popularly Known.

Organic Matcha Green Tea