Typhoo Green tea 25 Dip -50g

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Typhoo has been redefining the tea drinking experience all over the world since its birth in the uk over 110 years ago. Spread across 50 countries worldwide including the usa, canada, australia and south africa. The apeejay surrendra tea group brings this refreshing, rejuvenating experience to india with a variety of highest of teas and exotic fruit infusions. Typhoo tea introduces a wide range of flavours, from the classic to the most exotic tastes, in the indian market. Typhoo green tea lemon & honey Typhoo green tea lemon & honey is a delightful blend of the finest green tea leaves with the tanginess of lemon & goodness of honey. Typhoo green teas are expertly blended to be delicately light and pure, providing natural refreshment. Typhoo tea bags come in hermetically heat sealed envelopes that retain the freshness & flavour of tea till the time you brew. 

Green tea